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The true secret of our success lies in our people


years experience in Remote Sensing, AI and Agriculture


years experience in carbon markets


years commodity risk management experience


years on the ground forest and landscape project experience

// CEO

Jon Pierre

Tech entrepreneur. Former Agriculture & Biofuel trader. Oxford-trained Development Economist. Advisor to UK Space Agency and Satellite Applications Catapult.

// Head of Research

Dr Clement Atzberger

Leading remote sensing expert with 30+ years’ experience, Full Professor at BOKU University in Vienna and Head of the Institute of Geomatics.


// Remote Sensing Data Scientist

Dr Hadi Bun

Develops scalable remote sensing-informed landcover maps, monitoring systems and products. Leverages multi-sensor data, machine learning and high-performance cloud computing.


// Soil and Remote Sensing Scientist

Dr Asa Gholizadeh

Researcher in Proximal and Remote Sensing in Soil Science. Develops models for predicting, mapping and monitoring soil at relevant spatial and temporal scales.

// Ecosystem Modeller

Dr Ariane Albers

Assesses and adapts models for predicting, mapping and monitoring soil carbon changes at relevant spatial and temporal scales.

// Ecosystem Modeller

Dr Khadiza Begum

Experience in modelling soil carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas emissions reduction under different agroecosystems. Develops models considering soil, climate, management, cropping systems in contrasting pedoclimatic regions. Predicts suitable mitigation options in site and regional level.

// Analyst

Perdita Light

Researcher and analyst specialising in global sustainability and climate change solutions using DMRV techniques.

// Analyst

Neil Nooreyezdan

Analyst focused on methodologies required for monitoring and verification of voluntary carbon credits and labels.

// Data Scientist

Dr Talita Nogueira Terra

Researcher in Remote Sensing and Environmental Planning. Develops models to map, monitor and predict land use/cover changes for management and environmental monitoring programs.

// Data Scientist

Clara Rajadel Lambistos

Agricultural engineer and Remote Sensing analyst. Applies machine learning techniques on earth observation data to monitor crop and soil properties at field scale.

// Carbon Project Analyst

Elias Torres Sierra

Environmental scientist specialized in sustainable agricultural and food systems. Conducts qualitative and quantitative analysis to support the implementation of MRV in nature-based carbon projects

// Data Scientist

Nathan Wolff

Geomatics Engineer specialised in Remote Sensing. Builds both SAR & optical-based workflows as well as GIS web apps for Earth monitoring.

// Remote Sensing Scientist and Soil Moisture Modeller

Dr Belen Marti-Cardona

Scientist in Earth observation and hydrology expertise in the retrieval of biophysical parameters from SAR, optical and thermal data for assimilation in digital twins. Senior Lecturer and head of the ground truthing site at the University of Surrey, UK.

// Remote Sensing Data Scientist

Dr Diego Della Justina

Agricultural engineer focused on spatial data modelling, spatial interpolation and predictive modelling. Over 6 years’ experience in crop yield prediction and monitoring, trough agrometeorological, remote-sensing data and machine learning techniques.


// Data Scientist

Dr Markus Immitzer

Forest scientist specialised in remote sensing and photogrammetry. Over 15 years experience of using optical and LiDAR data for forest mapping, vegetation stress monitoring, modelling of biophysical parameters, and land cover classification.

// Project Origination Lead

Dr Andrew Mugadu

Over 10 years’ experience in market risk management and carbon markets with Goldman Sachs and Hartree Partners. Broad experience spanning from trading EU allowances and offset credits to sourcing and developing emissions reducing/avoiding projects.

// Director

Rishi Sapre

Specialises in product design for machine learning/artificial intelligence-based systems.
Experience covers projects in geographies such as UK, North America, Africa and APAC.

// Director

Swapnil Baokar

Serial entrepreneur with over 15 years experience in risk management and financial markets. Experienced in founding and scaling start-ups across edu-tech, fintech and agritech.

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